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Friday, April 28, 2017

2017 Arts and Archives: Children's and Young People's Department, Berlin State Library

 (From 12 Monate des Jahrs, Frederic Terrisse, 1853)

Early Thursday morning Dr. Carola Pohlman, the director of the Children’s and Young People’s Book Department  at the Berlin State Library welcomed us to Westhafen where this department is temporarily located because the  House Unter den Linden-branch is under re-structure.
First Dr. Pohlman gave us an excellent historical overview of the library development. At the earlier days of the library’s existence children books were not collected, it was first 1951 when this changed and since then every published German children book was acquired.  The library began the systematic acquisition of original illustrations for children books in 1978 and that collection includes more than 10000 pieces by 140 illustrators.  
Today the library has 200 000 volumes, these cannot be borrowed, but only viewed in the reading room. The collection in Berlin is one of the largest and most outstanding of its kind in Europe.
After viewing a large number of first edition volumes and seeing original illustrations published in Children books we toured the whole 200,000 volumes collection. Thank you Carola for a excellent morning!  
 Our great takeaway: a faximile of Heinrich Hoffmann's Struwwelpeter (Frankfurt 1926)
More photos from our Thursday morning, please click here

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