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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Arts and Archives 2017 - Danish History

Rosenborg Castle

This was our last day in Copenhagen and our focus was in the Danish history. We toured  first the RosenborgCastle and learned about the Danish history from the  16th century (Fredrick II)  to mid 19th century (Fredrik VII). The Rosenborg Castle was built as a pleasure palace by Christian IV in the early 17th century.  We did see a selection of Maria Sibylla Merian originals in the Castle, which have been on display there for 330 years. 
 (one of the 50 Maria Sibylla Merian's originals from Rorenberg Castle)
In the palace is also the almost complete Flora Danica serving china sett (some 1500 pieces of the over 1800 pieces) as well as a several hundred pieces collection of Venice glass.
 At Rosenborg Castle the royal lineage ends with Fredrick VII. We continued the Danish  history at Amalieborg Palace, which is still in royal use (no photos here). 
Tomorrow we'll take the train to Berlin!

Amalieborg Palace with the Fredrik IX statue
Please click here for more photos from today.

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