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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Second Day 2017 Arts and Archives - Lund, Sweden

 The University Library of Lund, Sweden (UB)
Today we headed north and across Öresund to Sweden. After a 45 minutes train ride we arrived to Lund to mainly visit the University Library in Lund and much more.
At the library we were greeted by Åsa Sjöblom and Jenny Bonnevier from the conservation department. The library was founded in 1666 as s the University, and in 1698 king Karl XII introduced the system of legal deposit. This means that they receive one copy of all printed publications in Sweden, at the moment they are expanding 1600 meters per year (two meters per day). We focused mainly on material published before 1800 and after 13th century. The library has circa 70 incapulas (manuscripts).The absolute rarity was a manuscript from 1314 which was written in Færøysk. Unfortunately this vellum work got bound in Germany in 1916. The library has circa 70 incapulas (manuscripts). We saw also Carl von Linnaeus sketches and the some of the correspondence between Sven Nilsson (director of the Swedish Museum of Natural History in 1828-1831) and Charles Darwin. You will see more examples of the material by clicking here.
After lunch we visited Lund Cathedral. The oldest part of the cathedral was inaugurated in 1123 and it has remained mainly untouched since then.
Drotten’s church is the oldest in Lund and after its foundation (probably) in 1050, Lund quickly became a major center of power and influence for the Christian church. Drotten’s Church was pulled down during the reformation of 1536, when Denmark switched from Roman Catholicism to Lutheranism. Around 3500 skeletons from the graves of this church have been analyzed by scientists.
Final stop for our day was Skissernas Museum, museum for the sketches and work process for public art. This museum was established 1934 and is largest of its type globally. It has a collection of over 30 000 works from Henry More, Henri Matisse, Sonia Delaunay too  Diego Rivera, Alexander Calder and Isaak  Grünewald and many more. They also have excellent temporary exhibits and this time among others the American artist Swoon, whose real name is Caledonia Curry.
                                 Waiting for our tour to start at the Skissernas Museum in Lund, Sweden
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