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Saturday, December 8, 2018

2018 SMA-Tour: The collections of El Charco and Indigenous Masks

El Charco's Herbarium now contains over 1000 mounted sheets. The dried plants are attached mostly with cotton thread as the traditional way is. Flower parts are collected separately for a color reference (covered with clear tape)

After a short introduction to second workshop: Frida Kahlo’s Botanicals with Meredith we were picked up to visit El Charco again and focus this time on it’s collections.  El Charco has currently the biggest living cactus collection and gene bank (for example 180 mamillaria species), their collections include numerous rare and endangered  cactus species all collected around Mexico. The Garden has an extensive propagation program and a permit to sell a certain number of plants all grown from seeds  every year. El Charco started their own herbarium collection four years ago and at the moment the collection includes little over 1000 plants.
In the afternoon many of us visited a private mask collection (OtraCara de Mexico) including over 500 ceremonial masks collected around the indigenous villages in Mexico. 
For more photos, please click here.

From the private mask collection, this one was one for sale, we couldn't take any photos in the museum.

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