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Friday, May 10, 2019

True to Form - Call for Entries

(Cynthia Zyzda, Colored Pencil)

November 15 – 16, 2019
Mitchell Hall

The theme of this art salon is the complex visual language of the natural world, showcasing its incredible variety of shapes, colors and textures. From the subtle contours of flower petals to the vibrant hues of a butterfly’s wings, this exhibit explores the visual feast offered by flora and fauna. 
True to Form features 6 specific thematic categories: Hairy, Spiky, Shiny, Striped, Spotted, and Multicolored
True to Form will be a two-day, salon-style exhibition installed in Denver Botanic Gardens’ Mitchell Hall.  Artists will hang their own matted work on freestanding panel walls, provide and hang the accompanying label, and remove their work at the closing of the exhibition on Saturday the 16th. Artists must be available to hang and remove their own artworks at the opening and closing of the salon. Each artist may submit up to three artworks for consideration. Entries must be submitted digitally via Google Documents (Google account required) located at this link. 
Read the complete call for entries by clicking here.

Constance Sayas, watercolor

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