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Monday, August 19, 2019

Exploits in Watercolor - studies in wet-on-wet

(By Allison Gray)

 Exploits in Watercolor is one of our very popular, regularly offered electives. The students are exploring the watercolor properties while painting fruits and vegetables. They will expand their watercolor skills by dabbing, blending, charging and bleeding, and at the same time learning to manage the water in the watercolor painting. This is the opposite of drybrush painting!

Please click here to see additional examples of studies in progress.

(by Peggy Delaney, in process)

Friday, August 9, 2019

Colored Pencils from Basics to Advanced Learning

(Jewel boxes from entry level colored pencil by Peggy Delaney )
After learning the basic drawing skills and color layering for colored pencils our students have the possibility to start with the entry level colored pencil. The typical is that each student selects several botanical subjects for small studies. We call these studies for jewel boxes which also provide an excellent opportunity to practice composition with both form and color. Our electives are designed to increase student’s knowledge, ability and experience in Botanical illustration and related fields. We recommend that the students integrate the elective curriculum with the required courses and take the relevant courses simultaneously with the mandatory courses for our Foundational Certificate in Botanical Illustration. This summer among our colored pencil electives focusing on techniques were practicing analogous colors, drawing from reference photos, and documenting our living lavender collection. This collection includes 19 different lavender varieties and over 2000 lavender plants . Some of these electives require a completed advanced colored pencil techniques course.
Please click here to see some finished or in-process work from our colored pencil classes during this summer.

Lavendula angustifolia by Susan Willis