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Friday, October 25, 2019

Alifie Rojas

Medicago sativa with its pollinator Bombus huntii, watercolor by Alifie Rojas (please click the image to enlarge)

Alifie Rojas from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico has been visiting us during the past few weeks. She is a natural science illustrator and has exhibited all around in Mexico. She has illustrated several books and was recently featured in the July-August issue (Number 145) of Biodiversitas. Today Alifie is mainly focusing on plant and insect interactions.
During her visit to Denver Botanic Gardens she illustrated Medicago sativa with a Colorado native bumble bee Bombus huntii. She also saw the bird's nest fungi (Cyathus olla) in the close by park and illustrated that for us.
Cyathus olla, watercolor by Alifie Rojas; (please click the image to enlarge)

Here is the specimen, Cyathus olla; the fruiting body is about 8 mm long and 6 mm in the diameter

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