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Monday, November 18, 2019

Congratulations to our 2019 Graduates!

Our 2019 graduates with the Foundational Certificate in Botanical Illustration:
Karen Appel, Stephanie Oliver, Lesley McGregor, Eleanor Clark, Peter Orleans, Sirinya Frankel, Rebecca Swain, Jane Smith, Jean Scorgie, Phillip Potter, Pauline Edwards, Leslie Brinson

Join us to congratulate the 12 new botanical illustration students who last Friday received their foundational certificate in botanical art and illustration from the School of Botanical Art and Illustration at Denver Botanic Gardens. Our youngest graduate, the 15 year old Sirinya Frankel also received the Sydney Parkinson reward.
We are very impressed with the graduates’ competence level and Denver Botanic Gardens is thoroughly proud of their accomplishments.
The graduation and award ceremony was followed by the opening reception for the annual juried botanical illustration art show, True to Form.
Please click here to see the individual portfolios and here to see some pictures from the graduation ceremony.

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